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This framed poetry print makes the perfect gift.  It is an original statement piece that reflects the thoughts and feelings in our present culture. Our standard canvas is made from a finely textured artist-grade cotton substrate which consistently reproduces image details with outstanding clarity and detail..: 100% Cotton fabric.: Closed Back.: Build with a patented solid support face.: High image quality and detail.: For indoor use.: Size 24x30

It Doesn't Matter Large Canvas

SKU: 24301155293163567103
  • No matter the texture 
    Or the style of my hair
    Or even the clothes that I may wear 
    It doesn’t matter

    Even if we served together
    Defending the same flag
    Wearing the same uniform
    Protecting the same land
    It doesn’t matter

    Even if I am highly educated and 
    Very well spoken
    Plenty of awards and accolades
    I still may be looked at as nothing more than a token
    It doesn’t matter

    Even if my life has no strikes
    No blemishes or citations
    All positive and no negative
    And nothing but admiration
    It doesn’t matter

    Hands up in the air!!!
    Nothing in my hands!!!
    Not posing a threat
    I’m sure you will find a reason I bet
    It doesn’t matter

    Even if I take a knee
    Or my teammates lock arms with me
    Or I take a stance silently
    It doesn’t matter

    Whether I am your Entertainer or President
    You’re Pusher
    You’re Spiritual Leader
    Or local resident
    It doesn’t matter

    Pull yourself by the bootstraps 
    That’s what they say
    But if you succeed or surpass them
    They may feel some type of way
    It doesn’t matter

    If we make one mistake 
    That could be the end
    We don’t receive multiple chances
    How come we don’t receive the same grace as them?
    It doesn’t matter

    Even though we say the same grace
    Pray the same prayers
    And worship at the same place
    It doesn’t matter

    We had our own Wall Street in 1921
    But then it was burned down and destroyed
    We are still fighting the same battles in 2021
    It doesn’t matter

    No matter what we say 
    Or what we do
    What do they really see or think,
    When they look at me or you?
    It doesn’t matter


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