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About 7Artifacts 

I created 7artifacts to artistically express myself as a black male in America through Apparel, Poetry and Poetry Short Films. 7Artifacts shows that it is okay to express yourself because most of the time, as black men, we feel like we can't or don't have the outlet to do so. Showcasing yourself in a positive way and being a free thinker, instead of always going along with the norm, is OK! The norm is not the end all be all. Right now in our society, especially in communities of color, we need more positivity. My hope is that my words, my work and my thoughts will still have a positive impact long after I am gone.

Completed Works Are Timeless…. 
How Will You Leave Your Mark? 
Well, I am leaving my mark through my brand 7Artifacts.

Inspirational Poems About Life | 7artifacts


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